The versatility of silver bars

Silver bars offer value for money, and they make an excellent investment option. Silver bars are quite versatile, and they come in many different sizes, thereby enabling the buyer to have a variety of options to choose from according to the budget that is available to ones who want to buy silver bars. Scroll down to learn more about the different sizes of silver bars before you head out to buy them.

1oz Silver Bars: This size bar rates high among investors as they are easy to sell in portions while retaining some till a better opportunity arises. This is also a great platform to help you diversify your investment portfolio.

5oz Silver Bars: This is the most common size to buy silver bars as they are still affordable, portable and easy to store. First-time investors are attracted to this bar as it falls within their budget and helps get their collection started.

10oz Silver Bars: The 10oz silver bars offer premium savings when compared to the same size rounds. Investors can expect to save at least 5 to 10 percent per ounce more than rounds. The 10oz silver bars are only available from a handful of manufacturers, and they come wrapped and sealed in plastic in sheets of five or ten, thereby making them easier to separate when the need arises.

Kilo (32.151oz) Silver Bars: This size forms the middle ground option between the 10oz and 100oz bars. These bars are still easy to handle and stack, and they also offer some savings. These bars offer investors a chance to form a diversified portfolio.

100oz Silver Bars: This bar offers more savings as they help you save 10 to 20 percent per ounce versus the one-ounce silver bars and coins. The ‘mink mark’ carries a lot of weight when it comes to the 100oz silver bars.

1000z or COMEX Approved Silver Bars: This size is not recommended for most investors who want to buy silver bars unless one wants to store in a Comex depository.