Significant differences between top load washers and front load washers

Top load washers are perhaps the most common home appliances. Of course, people always have the choice of opting for front load washing machines. However, the fact remains that top load machines hold more capacity and are cheaper in comparison to the front load variants. This makes them a more popular choice.

To understand if the best top load washers are right for your home, you need to know how these machines operate and the differences between top load washers and front load washers.

Typically the type of washing machine is defined by the placement of the door. In top load washers, the opening is on the top, and the laundry will be loaded into the machine from the top. The axis of the washing drum is vertical in this case. For front load washers, the opening is provided in the front of the machine. This difference in the construction of the machine is pretty obvious. The washing drum in this is axially horizontal.

Because of the placement of the opening, there is a difference in the operation of the machines. The top load washing machines use an agitator to facilitate the spinning operation, whereas the front load washers use a tumbling option for cleaning the laundry.

When it comes to efficiency, it is believed that front load machines are more efficient as they consume less water and detergent. However, there are high-efficiency, best top load washers available in the market today that can be just as efficient. These top loading machines mimic the functionality of the front load washers to reduce water consumption.

The front load machines are always more expensive, but when it comes to washing efficiency, front load washing machines are found to better than their top load counterparts. The basic advantage of front load machines is that they are compact and can be easily managed in a constrained space.

In the end, it all comes down to your preferences and requirements. There are attractive deals on both front load and top load washing machines that are available on the internet as well as in local retail stores.