Myths About Urinary Incontinence

About 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. Not many talk about it though, mainly because they think it is a cause for embarrassment. But, with awareness, more people are addressing the issue and seeking treatment. Where women used to wait ten years before consulting a doctor, now they wait for about six, studies say. There are several false perceptions surrounding urinary continence that are being dispelled.

One such myth is that only older people get urinary incontinence. While the risk increases as one grow older, studies suggest that one in four women experience stress incontinence, were laughing, sneezing, coughing and the like cause urine to leak involuntarily.

An average patient is generally between 40 to 18 years. Another myth is the feeling that you are the only one to experience it. Another is that it is normal to leak a few drops of urine. Other myths associated with urinary incontinence is that bladder control gets more difficult with age and childbirth, that sounds or thoughts do not cause urine to leak out (they do.

This condition is called urge incontinence), that one should not drink too much water, that men do not experience urinary incontinence, that men cannot do Kegels, that natural therapies do not work and that surgery is the last resort. Instead of living with fears and misconceptions, consult a doctor.

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