Here are a few essential features of Google Pixel

Ever since Google launched its best smartphone, Pixel, there have been a lot of comparisons with other phones in the market. In the Android segment, Samsung was the leader in the smartphone market. This was until Pixel came along. So how has Pixel fared in comparison to Samsung S7?

Before comparing, let us evaluate the Pixel and check what makes it stand out from its competitors. To start with, Google Pixel has everything a smartphone user looks forward to. Few smartphone brands come close to Samsung’s standards, but to give credit where its due, Google Pixel tried and is successful. Google Pixel is loaded with never-before-seen features. Pixel runs on the latest Android Nougat. Google Pixel has come up with its own voice-activated personal assistant that performs various tasks with simple voice commands.

The apps are designed in such a way that it takes the user to shortcuts with a long press. For example, if someone wants to use Facebook, the user only has to give the app a long press, and the search option appears, allowing the user to either write a post or see notifications. Google made things easier for shortcut apps.

Another important feature of Pixel that you do not find elsewhere is its Google photo shortcut app. The shortcut option for this app enables the user to free up space. On clicking it, the app automatically deletes duplicate photos that eat up unnecessary space. Users can customize their daily schedule and let Google assistant manage the rest. You will get a quick briefing on the weather, your meetings, or appointments, and other important notifications like traffic updates.

Google Pixel gives its owners a treat and knows how to keep its patrons happy. They have even introduced live wallpapers that are a treat for the eyes.

All in all, Google Pixel does not disappoint when compared to its peers. Some features are unique and interesting. Some features are not present in other competitor models, but that’s what makes Google Pixel worthy!