Different materials used to make area rugs

Area rugs are important to any area or room that requires a finishing touch. The area rugs help to fill the space in a seamless and stylish manner. The rugs could help to accent the theme or style of the room in which it is used. Even though used for a similar purpose the rugs available come in a range of colors, shapes, designs, and patterns. These rugs are also made from a wide range of products some of which are listed below.

  • Cotton
    Cotton rugs are easy to maintain without putting in too much effort. These rugs could come with hand woven patterns. These pretty and cheap area rugs can be used in any room or space, such as kitchen, door way, or bathroom. They can be easily integrated into the theme of a space due to their simplicity and versatility.
  • Wool
    Tufted by hand, wool rugs come in an array of designs and colors, giving a plush look to the room in which they have been used. This type of area rugs is dirt resistant due to the presence of natural oils that do not allow stains to stick. They are useful in areas of high foot traffic.
  • Hair on Hide
    The Hair on Hide variety of area rugs is made from the hides of animals. Laser slicing technique is used to create these rugs, which gives them a design that is elegant and a texture that is natural. The shades that these rugs come in are unique. Area rugs of this kind add a touch of fashion and style to the room.
  • Synthetic
    These are area rugs that imitate the feel and look of rugs made of natural material. However, since they are machine made with synthetic materials, their durability is unparalleled. They can also be easily maintained. Mainly used to add a more compact and suave feel to outdoor areas, synthetic area rugs are great for use in areas of high traffic as well.

Thus, these are the different materials which are used in the manufacture of area rugs. Make an informed purchase of your preferred area rug today!