4 important FedEx jobs you must be aware of

Admired across the globe for its resourceful shipping services, FedEx as an organization is a great place to work for as well. They offer both full-time as well as part-time profiles for diverse kinds of candidates. If you too are thinking about applying for FedEx jobs, then you must be aware of some the important job profiles of their organization.

Package handler – The job of a package handler is to ensure timely and efficient transfer of various kinds of packages. It might comprise physical tasks such as lifting, carrying, and placing the shipments securely. So, if you wish to work as a package handler in FedEx, then you should understand how demanding it can be. You can sit through an observation session (which demonstrates the responsibilities of a handler) that will offer you with a practical insight of what the routine job day looks like.

Customer service agent – If you have a knack for communication and problem solving, then you may apply for a customer service agent’s job which requires an individual to sell services as well as resolve consumer disputes and doubts. Apart from the skills stated earlier, customer service agents must also have a deep knowledge about all kinds of FedEx products and solutions, their respective pricing, conveyance, and additional services.

Drivers – Want to work as a FedEx driver? Then you will be happy to realize that you will be treated as the official face of the company for every consumer served. In simple words, a driver’s job profile requires her or him to collect the packages from the warehouse to deliver them to their respective owners. Apart from the final delivery services, additional duties for drivers may include paperwork, acquiring feedback, and labeling packages.

Operations manager – As a manager of your respective FedEx operational unit, your job will require you to lead a team of handlers, customer representatives, and drivers in the most accurate manner. You will have to run administrative tasks such as designing the weekly schedules, assigning daily work, management of the inventory, and the payroll. Apart from evaluating your existing team, your job might also involve training the recruits.

Applications for FedEx Jobs are only open to people who are 18 years or older. When it comes to qualifications, there are distinctive requirements concerning education and experience, as they are largely based on the job profile you’re applying for.